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Having practiced Dentistry in the Burlington Community for over 30 years, Dr. David Fielding is joined today by his three children; his son Dr. Ben Fielding who graduated from the University of Toronto Dental School of Medicine in the Spring of 2015; his eldest daughter and our Director of Business and Administration, Carly Fielding; and his youngest daughter, Jocelyn Fielding, who recently graduated with the Sunstar Butler Clinical Excellence Award from the Canadian Academy of Dental Health and Community Sciences and now works with the team as a Dental Hygienist.
Our Mission at Fielding Dental Healthcare is to create a Dental Home for your family. As we work with you to give you the Healthy and Beautiful Smile you desire, we strive to treat your family as we would treat our own, and maintain a high level of Customer Service.


Children’s Dentistry

Our greatest pride is helping families find a Dental Home where we can take care of them and make them happy.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Giving people confidence and pride by making their SMILE one that they want to show off to the world.


The advancement in dentistry that allows us to secure dentures and replace single teeth without anyone knowing.

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Ensuring Dental Health and Care: Why Book an Appointment with Us Today?


A lot of people only go to the dentist when they start suffering from a bad toothache. That’s far from ideal, though. Here’s why you’ll want to consult with a dentist in Burlington at Fielding Dental Healthcare much more regularly:


You chipped your tooth

One minute you’re biting into a particularly tough roasted chestnut and the next, you’ve got a chipped tooth. It’s not painful—yet—so it’s easy to dismiss the fact that you now have a cracked tooth. Pretty soon, you’ll forget you even have one. Up until your teeth start becoming sensitive. The next thing you know, you can’t sleep because of a bad toothache. Don’t let it go that far. Once you have a chipped tooth, head on to see a Local Dentist near you. Check our schedule so you can pick a slot that works for you.


You’ve got symptoms

If you keep experiencing symptoms—bleeding, gums, sores on the inside of your mouth, unexplained bad breath and more—then you’ll want to make a call and book an appointment with a dentist in Burlington as soon as possible. See our contact information for more details.


You’ve got sensitive teeth

If your teeth start becoming too sensitive, that could be because of a chip or crack in your teeth. Have your case examined right away by a professional. A competent and reputable professional dental specialist from our team will have no trouble inspecting your teeth and providing you with viable treatment options. If the sensitivity is acute that you’re feeling pain whenever you eat, chew or talk, call and let us know. We can treat the discomfort and pain.


You’ve got redness or swelling

This might be signs that you’re suffering from dental conditions like gingivitis or that you have a dental abscess or infection. If you have an infection, we will recommend several options including tooth extraction and root canal therapy (RCT).


Your kids have toothaches

We offer Family Dentistry services as well. If you’re looking for dental pros to treat your child’s toothache or correct a bad bite, we have trained, licensed and experienced staff on board to take care of your loved ones.


Call us

At Fielding Dental Healthcare, we offer an array of treatment options, from family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry to implants and more. Reach out to us today and let us know how we can help you and your family stay on track of your dental health.

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