Dental Bridges Burlington

Problem: Missing Teeth

Dental Bridge In Burlington

When you are missing a tooth there are a few options for treatment. You can consider a dental bridge that will crown the two teeth on the opposing sides of the space in your mouth and anchor a pontic or “fake tooth” in the middle to fill the space. This is a good option if you have existing restorations on the opposing teeth of the space where the tooth is missing. You can also choose to do a dental implant to fill the space or you can choose to leave the space.

Leaving a space is always an option but there are items that need to be considered. Teeth on opposing arches support each other. Without the force of the opposing teeth sometimes over eruption can occur. This is one of the reasons why a dentist would suggest considering a dental bridge as an alternative for tooth replacement.

A dental bridge can be made out of many materials. Many of our bridges are porcelain fused to metal or zirconia. You can also do a full zirconia bridge that would be a very strong solution but may not be as aesthetically pleasing for the patient without the porcelain. It is a permanent solution that is bonded permanently into position.

A dental bridge plays an important role in maintaining the teeth we have on the opposing arches. If you are missing a tooth, there is a possibility that the tooth on the opposing arch will over-erupt as the force necessary to hold it in place won’t be there. A dental bridge is a good tooth replacement option that will most likely last 15 to 20 years and help you fill the space of a missing tooth with confidence.