Dental Crowns

Problem: Damaged Or Misshapen Teeth

Dental Crowns are common for many people. When a tooth has lost its strength and structure but remains intact it might be necessary to restore with a Dental Crown. A Dental Crown surrounds and completely encircles the underlying structure of the tooth. The crown restores the tooth and protects it from any further damage.

Dental crowns can help a tooth remain functional in the mouth for as long as possible. If you have had a procedure such as a root canal done on your tooth, had a large filling, or broken some of the structure of the tooth, a dental crown will be a great option to return the tooth’s shape, appearance and function.

We offer same-day CEREC crowns in the office. The dentist will prepare the tooth chairside, take a digital image of the prepared tooth and the dental crown will be milled in 10 minutes in the office while the patient remains comfortably seated. The tooth preparation will remove any decay or damaged material from the tooth. A Dental Crown means that all sides of the tooth and the top are shaved down and the crown fits over the remaining structure forming a strong functional tooth structure that looks just like your natural tooth.